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Counselor s

Candice A. Preston, LMSW
(318) 872-1772, ext. 30

Jordan Sims, M.A.
(318) 872-1772, ext. 26

Counselor's Corner

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to plant good seeds in young lives so that they can grow academically, emotionally and socially as they move through their academic journey. 

“Today’s student, Tomorrows leader.”


Be a Super  “Hero” with your attendance.

H.E.R.O- Here, Everyday, Ready, On-Time


Attendance Information:

Class begins at 07:40 a.m.  Please have your student to school 10-15 minutes prior to 07:40 so that your child may have time to eat breakfast and arrive to their classroom on time.

We appreciate a parent note, but it does not excuse an absence from school.

3 Ways to excuse an absence:

1. Dr. Note

2. Death in the family

3. Court appearance for child.

Parents you have 3 business days to turn in the proper documentation for your student’s absence to be excused in the system.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding student attendance/tardies you may contact Ms. Preston @ (318) 872-1772, ext. 30 or email:

For additional attendance information visit:

Helpful Resources:

Louisiana Child Abuse/Neglect:

Children’s line: 1-800-244-5373 or text (225) 424-1533


1. Click on child welfare
2. Then click on report abuse and follow the steps


Suicide Prevention/Intervention:


Choices Coordinated Care Solutions (Wraparound Services for Families)

Contact: Helen Bryant (318) 562-2641 or (318) 221-1807