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Library Locker

Welcome to Our Library!

Bookworm Club

Bookworm Club members may enter the library at 7:10 with a ticket. Students sign in, read books, check out books, and take AR tests. The librarian escorts book club members to their classrooms at 7:40.

Guest Reader

MES Students Succeed with AR!

MES PK-4 students participate in the Accelerated Reader Program which promotes comprehension and fluency which is essential for literacy development.  This reading incentive program is based upon individual student goals and reading levels. 

The purpose of the Accelerated Reader Program is that:

· It builds a lifelong love of reading and learning,

· It helps build critical thinking skills, and

· It can be used as a means to help build self-confidence and self-esteem.


The school wide AR goal for MES is 18,000 points!

Take a AR Test

Please return your library books

10 ways to become a better reader

Library Expectations
Library Rules
  •  Follow directions the first time given.
  •  Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.
  •  Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
  •  Bring your library book back.
  •  Respect all teachers and classmates.
  • Verbal warning
  • Deduct Dojo points
  • Minor referral
  • Praise
  • DOJO points
  • Treats
  • Prizes